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9 November 2009, 12:42

Rail Sarbaev insisted on all measures to be taken against flu pandemia

On Saturday telephone conference, the Prime Minister of the Government RB Rail Sarbaev demanded that the heads of municipal governments and health institutions should take necessary actions to handle the flu pandemia.
According to Minister of Health Service RB Andrey Evsyukov, the situation with flu epidemic is getting more aggravated. One lethal outcome is registered in Bashkortostan: a 25-year old Ufa resident died. The overall number of flu victims throughout Russia comes to 14. All these people did not seek medical advice and took only home treatment.
As of November 6, the illness of 10 people in the republic is laboratory-diagnosed as pandemic influenza. Evsyukov warned the heads of municipal governments of inadmissibility of information dissemination about pandemic flu cases until each case is laboratory-confirmed.
A letter with the request to consider the possibility of purchase of lung motors and anti-viral medications was addressed by Ministry of Health Service to the Government RB. Rail Sarbaev had means for purchase of 15 lung motors and anti-viral medications immediately allocated.
At the present moment, 14 259 people in the republic have ARVI, 43% of them are children. Meanwhile, the provision of some cities and regions of the republic with anti-viral medications is rather low yet. The Prime Minister demanded that this situation should be immediately improved.
Heads of the regions where there is a shortage of medical products, especially of flu masks, which are the most efficient preventive method during the epidemic, came in for criticism. Rail Sarbaev also called inadmissible the groundless overpricing for medicines and health care products. The Prime Minister gave a strict warning: there should not be profiteering on people's health.
According to Nina Kondrova, the deputy head of the Directorate of the Russian Agency for Heath and Consumer Rights for RB, due to influenza and ARVI morbidity rate being 23% above epidemic threshold, the plan of measures for the period of unfavourable epidemic situation came into action. To prevent the epidemic rise of ARVI and influenza morbidity rate autumn holidays has started a week earlier in 22 schools of the republic. Studies are suspended in 16 higher educational institutions and specialized secondary schools of Ufa, Beloretsk, Oktyabrsky and Tuimazy.
The plan of measures on prevention of epidemic rise of ARVI and influenza morbidity rate was elaborated during the conference.
"Heads of cities and regions, as well as of medical institutions are personally liable for the state of things on the areas of activity they are entrusted to," Rail Salikhovich said.
Translated by:Elena Makushina