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7 October 2009, 20:07

Does the city need a swimming pool?

A city with the population of 60 thousand people must have a swimming pool! That is what Prime Minister of Government RB Rail Sarbaev declared in August at the celebration devoted to the Day of Sibay city. At that time residents of the city rejoiced at the news that means for building and reconstruction of the swimming pool and the centre of children's creative work would be allocated.
During his yesterday's visit to Sibay, Rail Sarbaev sharply criticised "inexcusably slow pace" of work over the project. "If you plead problems with planners and contractors, you should look for their substitutes" - Mr Sarbaev brushed aside all excuses - "It is not Government that needs a swimming pool, it is you and your children who need it."
Not every region can afford financing fitness centres and swimming pools in the period of crisis. However, it was clearly claimed at the last State Council that it is necessary to implant healthy lifestyle in society; otherwise, we will lose the fight with negative asocial phenomena. Money that we invest in such projects is a contribution to the health of our population, that is why they need special attention at the local level.
Author:News-service of Government RB
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