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6 October 2009, 19:04

Awarding of Shagit Khudaiberdin prize holders

The annual Shagit Khudaiberdin Awards ceremony celebrating journalists is traditionally held on the eve of the Republic Day. Today another awarding ceremony took place in the birthplace of Shagit Khudaiberdin - Khudaiberdino village of Kugarchinsky region. The Deputy Prime Minister of Government RB, Minister for Culture and National Policy Ildus Ilishev, the Head of Administration for Press, Publishing and Printing Industry under Government RB Eduard Yuldashev and representatives of Bashkir Journalists' Uni on will participate in the ceremony. The day before the commission under Government RB on Shagit Khudaiberdin Award-2009 sel ected three awardees of this prestigious republican award. They are associate professor of general physics department of the Bashkir State University Yuri Ergin, specialist of information and analytical department of Ufa administration Tagir Ishkinin and radio journalist of the state TV and radio company "Bashkortostan" Flyura Sultanova.
Yuri Ergin was awarded with the prize for his articles in history of Bashkir culture and education, Tagir Ishkinin got the prize for the articles under the heading "Echo of the week" in the newspaper "Kiske Ofe", Flyura Sultanova - for the series of radio programs "Compatriots", "Yadkar" and TV programs "Shortening distances".
The chairman of the commission Ildus Ilishev warmly congratulated the awardees and wished them creative success.
Author:Lubov Kolokolova
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