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29 September 2009, 18:30

Rizvan Khazhiev - a writer, journalist, parliamentarian, scientist

One of the brightest journalists and talented writers of modern Bashkortostan Rizvan Khazhiev will celebrate his 70th birthday on September 30.
He was born in 1939 in Suleiman village of Mechetlinsky region. His labor biography resembles lives of many of his contemporaries and colleagues. Long before he finished school, he knew full surely that he would be a writer. In those years, love and respect for literary word were born in his soul. He placed his first articles to the school newspaper, and he was beside himself with joy when a small item signed by Khazhiev appeared in the regional newspaper. That is why he decided to enter the language and literature department of the Bashkir State University. Studies came easily to him. During his university years, he made a close study of style of famous writers, contributed to newspapers.
After graduation, Rizvan Khazhiev worked for a number of republican newspapers, defended a thesis and became Candidate of philology. He was the chairman of the Bashkir journalists' union and the deputy editor-in-chief of the magazine "Vatandash".
His creative personality is very versatile, and we can talk about its every side separately. Rizvan Khazhiev proved to be a bright journalist with his own unique style, a serious prose-writer, a prominent scientist, an active parliamentarian, an outstanding public figure. Such activity must come out of some youth impatience, keen curiosity, inside flame.
The sphere of his interests contains creative problems of modern Bashkir literature, preservation of cultural heritage of Bashkortostan, lives of historical figures, the most urgent problems of modern life and intellectual development.
Rizvan Khazhiev is the author of many essays ("As an oak on the mountain", "The strength of the country on the shoulders", "Stars over the fields" and others), the following documentaries of different periods were published by him: "The golden eagle from the High Tatra mountains" (1981), "If I am not on fire" (1988), "Restless mountains of Afghanistan" (1989) and others.
He was given the high rank of "Honored culture worker of Bashkortostan". He is the prizewinner of the award of Bashkir journalists' union n.a. Shagit Khudaiberdin. However, the highest appraisal of his literary work is undoubtedly love of readers, colleagues and fellow countrymen.
Author:Ravil Ramazanov
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