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24 September 2009, 18:53

Delegation from Bulgaria estimated achievements of "Alloplant" at its true worth

Ufa microsurgeons of the All-Russian centre of eye and plastic surgery "Alloplant" reached the world level in their theoretical researches and in practise. On the basis of "Alloplant", which will celebrate its 20th anniversary next year, they elaborated around 150 new surgery techniques. Today within the formal visit of the delegation of the Republic of Bulgaria, leaders of public authorities and mayors of Bulgarian cities made a get-to-know visit to the Centre.
The All-Russian centre of eye and plastic surgery is scientific and production, diagnostic and treatment, education and methodological complex specializing in tissue and cellular regeneration. The Centre was founded on an order of Ministry of Health RF in 1990. Alloplants are actively engaged here in surgical practice. Ten foreign and 58 Russian patents protect the technologies of its creation and the material itself. Patients from all over Russia and the whole world, for example from Bulgaria, Australia, New Zealand, America, Arab countries come here for treatment.
Alloplant is the unique product, a special biologic material that is prepared out of donor tissues of people. It favours regeneration of necessary tissues depending on what organ it was put into.
"Alloplants are produced out of tissues of dead people - Russia is among those few countries, the legislation of which permits to use these tissues for the sake of living people" - the director of the All-Russian centre of eye and plastic surgery, Doctor of Medicine, professor Ernst Muldashev explained to the members of the delegation - "Material for alloplants is delivered from seven cities of the country. They arrive in the Centre in a frozen state and here the production process starts".
Tissue bank of the Centre is considered one of the best one in Europe. The production of alloplants itself is based on a many-stage physicochemical procession of donor tissues.
"Owing this complex procession our transplants do not cause rejection reaction" - the chief of the laboratory of alloplant production Olga Shangina emphasized - "Besides, on this stage we work out those properties of tissues that are necessary for various transplants and for certain types of operation. In other words, there are different schemes of procession for each type of tissue. It takes two weeks to produce some transplants, others require up to three months".
Among many scientific and clinical divisions of the Centre there is the department of eye and plastic surgery of the Bashkir State Medical University, the department of elaboration of new surgical instruments, the department of health information technologies.
"We only heard of this Centre before this excursion and now we have seen everything with our own eyes and we realized that such complicated operations are really possible" - Mayor of Ruse Bozhidar Jotov shared his impressions - "We hope that our visit to Bashkortostan will be the first step in the development of our collaboration".
Author:Liya Nagimova
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