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17 September 2009, 18:57

Heart surgeons of Bashkortostan master a new treatment mode of ischemic heart disease

A new treatment mode of ischemic heart disease was demonstrated during the seminar "Endovascular surgery in prevention and treatment of vascular heart diseases and brain diseases" taking place in Ufa. French specialist Miroslav Setserov (the head of the clinical department of "Minvasys" company) shared European experience of acute coronary syndrome (ACS) treatment.
"European colleagues demonstrated a new treatment mode of ischemic heart disease. It is a new method of stenting of coronary arteries" - the deputy head doctor for surgery of the Republican cardiologic clinic Ilgiz Nagaev says - "European treatment mode is connected with application of new consumables which make it possible to preserve blood flow in the areas of branching of coronary arteries. Statistics shows that it is precisely the treatment mode that 8-15% of the total number of patients needs."
French specialist Miroslav Setserov who controlled the operation explained why Ufa was chosen as a place to demonstrate the treatment mode. "Such complicated treatment mode can be demonstrated only in a modern well-equipped clinic. The cardiologic centre in Ufa has the most up-to-date equipment and the doctors have the best qualifications. These qualities played the decisive role in the choice of a place for demonstration of the new treatment mode" - he said.
Author:Julia Antipina
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