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11 September 2009, 16:06

Bizhbulyaksky region is carrying on a set of activities on lowering infant mortality rate

A set of activities on lowering infant mortality and children morbidity is carried on in Bizhbulyaksky region.
According to the head of administration Nail Gataullin, examination of newborns aimed at early detection of congenital defects is being lead. Introduction of new means of children examination made it possible to lower infant morbidity rate and to prevent children incapacitation. This year 500 children have undergone medical examination, congenital defects were not found out.
In 2007-2008 within the framework of national project "Health" medical examination of babies under 1 year was carried out. Some of 575 babies had kidney diseases and diseases of nervous system.
In 2009, great attention was paid to health and social position of children being in a difficult life situation. In May of 2009, 109 orphaned children and children in a tight situation underwent medical examination.
Author:Elena Makushina
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