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1 July , 18:39

Radiy Khabirov submitted candidate support sheets to Central Election Commission

On July 1 in Ufa, Radiy Khabirov submitted to the Central Election Commission of the Republic sheets of support for the candidate for the post of Head of Bashkortostan with signatures of deputies of representative bodies of local government and a list of persons who signed the sheets of support for the candidate. Together with him, the head of the regional executive committee of the United Russia party, Ruslan Nasretdinov, and the candidate’s financial representative, Maxim Ulchev, came to submit documents to the Central Election Commission of the Republic.

“The Central Election Commission received documents from five candidates nominated by political parties for the post of Head of Bashkortostan. Radiy Khabirov was the first of them to hand over support sheets and other necessary documents today. The other candidates must do this no later than July 11. Registration of candidates for the Head of the Republic should end on July 20,” Azat Galimkhanov, Chairman of the Central Election Commission of the Republic, explained to the Bashinform News Agency.

To register candidates for the post of Head of the region in the period from July 1 to 18:00 on July 11, 2024, in addition to support sheets, it is also necessary to provide the Central Election Commission of the Republic with information about changes in the data about the candidate, the first financial report, information about three candidates for vesting powers senator of the Russian Federation, one of which, if the candidate representing her is elected, will be vested with the appropriate powers, written notification that the candidate does not have deposits, does not keep cash and valuables in foreign banks located outside the Russian Federation, does not own and does not uses foreign financial instruments.

Author: Azat Gizzatullin

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