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28 June , 16:39

New national project, “Efficient and Competitive Economy,” will appear in Russia

The Prime Minister of the Government of Bashkortostan, Andrey Nazarov, said a new national project, “Efficient and Competitive Economy,” will appear in Russia.

On behalf of the head of state, it will include 5 federal projects to achieve five national goals: increasing investment by 60% by 2030, small and medium-sized businesses, achieving low-carbon development, and developing a system of state statistics and forecasting. Also among the stated goals is an increase in labor productivity in each national project and state program.

This task will cover all economic sectors and will be solved using AI, robotics, data economics, and lean manufacturing principles.

The authorities are actively working to attract investment to the republic. In 2023, their amount reached 620 billion rubles; over five years, the volume of capital investments in the region’s economy amounted to 2.3 trillion rubles.

Particular attention is paid to implementing lean production tools at enterprises within the national project “Labor Productivity.” There are 180 participants in this national project in the region - all of them were able to improve their production indicators qualitatively. Over the five years since the implementation of the national project in the region, on average, output increased by 45%, the average time of production processes decreased by 33%, and work in progress decreased by 35%. The economic effect of enterprises participating in the national project amounted to 4 billion rubles.

“A national project is being created to encourage targeted investments in developing domestic production of goods and services. I do not doubt that its implementation will be effective and competitive, following its name,” concluded Andrey Nazarov.

Author: Elina Akhmetova

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