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25 June , 18:45

Supreme Mufti of Russia called for uniting against extremism

The Supreme Mufti of Russia, Chairman of the Central Spiritual Administration of Muslims Talgat Tadzhuddin, called on his compatriots to join forces in the fight against extremism and international terrorism.

“The Central Spiritual Administration of Muslims is outraged by another act of madness and cruelty that occurred on Sunday, June 23, in Dagestan. Extremists and bandits of all stripes, who have taken the path of terror and incited by foreign inspirers, continue to inflict bloody wounds on the consciousness of our society and strive to do everything to prevent these wounds from healing. We call on all compatriots to unite our efforts even more closely in the solidarity struggle against the modern plague of humanity - extremism and international terrorism, which, by sowing chaos and discord, are trying to disrupt peace and stability in the vastness of our great Fatherland - Russia,” the statement says.

The Supreme Mufti of Russia noted that the goal of “heinous atrocities committed by hired barbarians” is to incite interethnic and interreligious conflict in the Russian Federation.

“Sharing joys and sorrows, protecting it from foreign invasions, our ancestors preserved our great Fatherland, bequeathed to us to love and cherish our Motherland in peace and harmony, and to be grateful to the Creator, to glorify Him and to live in a Divine-human way. We have one united Fatherland - great Russia, and it is holy for all of us. Over the centuries, fate from the Almighty has united us - almost two hundred peoples and followers of traditional faiths on the land of our Motherland,” the document notes.

Author: Elina Akhmetova

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