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28 March , 17:32

Bashkortostan parliament proposed to leave only minimum wage to foreign agents from transactions

The Parliament of Bashkortostan proposed leaving only the minimum wage to foreign agents from transactions and directing the remaining portion of the proceeds to the needs of Russian military personnel on the front line. The State Duma is considering the corresponding document.

According to the law, a foreign agent does not have the right to participate in government procurement or receive government financial and other property support, including when conducting creative activities. Meanwhile, the current legislation does not provide for such restrictions for foreign agents' contractual relations with individuals and legal entities.

At the same time, most foreign agents, including those who left Russia, continue to engage in entrepreneurial activities “through interaction with legal entities and citizens of Russia.” They enter into contracts, sell books, give concerts, participate in corporate events, write blogs, etc. The money they receive is used, among other things, to support and finance the Ukrainian armed forces.

The explanatory note emphasizes that “adopting the proposed measures will help reduce the destructive influence of foreign agents on Russian citizens, reduce their number, replenish the budget revenues, and use these funds to meet the needs of our military personnel on the front line.”

As Bashinform News Agency reported, the president signed a law banning advertising on foreign agents’ resources.

Author: Veronika Nikitina

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