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26 March , 13:31

Bashkiria plans to introduce intelligent video surveillance system

The development of the “Safe City” hardware and software complex on the territory of Bashkortostan became a topic for discussion at a government meeting. As the Prime Minister emphasized, digital technologies, including security, are being actively introduced in the region.

“The emergence of new risks forces us to build systems for quickly receiving and exchanging information to respond quickly if necessary. To achieve these goals, the federal level has set the task of introducing the “Safe City” hardware and software complex in the country's regions,” explained Andrey Nazarov.

The acting chairman of the State Committee of the Republic for Emergency Situations, Kirill Pervov, reported on how this order is being implemented in the region. He noted that 22 subsystems of this complex operate in the republic. Many are actively used in the activities of the Republic Management Center. They are involved in analyzing the operational situation, ensuring trouble-free passage of the spring flood, and coordinating the extinguishing of forest fires on the republic's territory.

Kirill Pervov dwelled in more detail on the video surveillance system of the law enforcement segment.

Also, according to the speaker, specialists are working on a pilot project to introduce an intelligent video surveillance subsystem. This subsystem allows users to recognize faces, search for people, identify crowds, and detect fires.

“Taking into account the large number of international events planned for the year, I ask the State Committee for Emergency Situations, together with the Ministry of Finance, to make proposals on the possibility of allocating additional funding for the development of the law enforcement segment of the “Safe City” hardware and software complex,” he gave instructions following the results meetings Andrey Nazarov.

Author: Elina Akhmetova

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