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19 March , 14:35

Putin's support is based on national projects' success - expert

Doctor of Economic Sciences, deputy of the State Assembly - Kurultai of Bashkiria Rustem Akhunov commented on the election campaign results, following which the current President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, was re-elected for another six-year term.

“I assess the election results as consistent with the sentiments of our civil society. They demonstrated high support for the current President, and I believe the basis for this was the successful implementation of national projects. I will give just a few illustrative examples.

For example, the national project “Education”. Over the past two years, more than 140 schools have been overhauled in Bashkiria, and new ones have appeared. The solution to such a significant problem as the lack of places in dormitories has begun - the most modern student campus is being built, dare I say it, according to world standards.

Let's take another significant area for life. We see how hospital equipment is being modernized, new clinics and medical institutions are opening, and in rural areas, every resident can take advantage of prompt medical care in paramedic and obstetric centers.

I would also note a significant direction for the younger generation - sports development. In recent years, considerable facilities have opened in the republic, such as the Gymnastics Center or the Training Center, a long-awaited arena for football fans, which is expected to open a wrestling center this year. These are all the results of the implementation of national projects, and the list goes on.

This systematic development of the social spheres that are most important for life has given such a result. I have carefully read Vladimir Putin’s message to the Federal Assembly, and I see that it lays the foundation for further work—plans are outlined for new national projects that will improve life.

People believe in it, understand their importance, and vote accordingly,” the expert concluded.

According to preliminary data from the Central Election Commission, 87.3% of Russians supported Vladimir Putin’s candidacy, and turnout across the country was a record 77%.

Author: Elina Akhmetova

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