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9 February , 20:39

Roman Golovchenko: Reach new milestones in industrial cooperation - Belarus and Bashkiria's main goal

There is a saying: “Water does not flow under a lying stone,” for the water to flow more actively, this stone must be turned over periodically. Prime Minister of Belarus Roman Golovchenko stated this when answering a question from Bashinform News Agency special correspondent.

“We found a natural rhythm. A large number of activities that need to be kept in view. The most important thing that Radiy Khabirov said is not only to monitor how existing agreements are being implemented but also to constantly generate and give appropriate messages to government members to work them out and translate them into practice. We reached such a rhythm in a natural way, and we meet when the conditions and necessities are ripe for this. We met, listened, appointed responsible people, stimulated some, and pushed others. If some things don’t work out due to testing, we put them aside and take up new initiatives. The goal is to reach a billion-dollar trade turnover between us. This is the most important thing now. We will expand traditional exchange, but the most important thing is to reach new milestones in industrial cooperation. This is a priority area for the Republic of Belarus, so today and tomorrow, we will continue discussing with our friends, the leadership of Bashkortostan, what else needs to be done,” said Roman Golovchenko.

Author: Azat Gizzatullin

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