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19 May , 19:32

Kazan hosts Russia-Islamic World Strategic Vision Group meeting

The Head of Bashkortostan, Radiy Khabirov, took part in a meeting of the Strategic Vision Group at the XIV International Economic Forum "Russia - Islamic World: KazanForum", which is taking place these days in the capital of Tatarstan.

The Head of Tatarstan, Rustam Minnikhanov, noted that the focus of special attention is protecting and promoting common spiritual and moral values and preserving the historical, cultural and civilizational heritage of the peoples of Russia and Muslim countries.

“Despite all attempts, it was not possible to isolate Russia. Representatives of more than 80 foreign countries who came to Tatarstan to participate in KazanForum are an example of this.

As a multinational state, Russia has a unique experience building a respectful dialogue between representatives of traditional world religions. It is no coincidence that Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, and Jews have peacefully coexisted and interacted on the territory of our country for centuries. Russia considers Islamic states as priority trade, economic, and investment partners,” Rustam Minnikhanov said.

Vice Prime Minister of Russia Marat Khusnullin read Vladimir Putin's greetings to the meeting participants.

“Russia is open for business and humanitarian cooperation, promoting agricultural and industrial policy with the Islamic world. This meeting confirms the close relationship of trust, demonstrating the commitment to join efforts to form a multipolar world based on interfaith cooperation,” the head of state said in a telegram.

The President of the Russian Federation noted that today Islamic countries are actively developing, achieving tangible achievements in trade and the financial sector, in innovations, and in scientific and applied research. He said Russia is open to the broadest business and humanitarian cooperation with Islamic countries, is interested in strengthening established ties and finding new partners, promoting agricultural and industrial cooperation, and creating new transport and logistics chains.

“Russia has rich experience of interaction with the Islamic world. We cannot fail to notice the gross interference of the West, especially in the Middle East. The so-called Arab Spring brought grief and misfortune to the population of states. We have lived together throughout history, belonged to this country, and lived together. This historical experience of living together and cooperation has led to a special atmosphere of trust and dialogue. Unique inter-religious relations have developed in Russia, and all representatives of traditional confessions should welcome this tradition in every way,” said His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia'.

The Russian Orthodox Church, as the Patriarch emphasized, maintains ties with Muslims since the fundamental values of the two confessions are identical. The head of the Russian Orthodox Church expressed hope for the further development of Russia's cooperation with the Islamic world. The Russian Orthodox Church, for its part, is ready to assist this in every possible way.

“Today, we are at a crossroads between good and evil. Today's Satanism under the guise of democracy sows terrorism worldwide. This is the death of civilization, and all their norms work against humanity. Our traditional values are the bonds of the greatness of Russia, where people professing different religions live in peace and harmony. We, the Muslims of Russia, will continue to contribute to strengthening our country. In unity and solidarity, we will overcome all trials,” said Talgat Hazrat Tadjuddin, chairman of Russia's Central Spiritual Administration of Muslims.

Author: Azat Gizzatullin

Translated by:Tatyana Aksyutina
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