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19 November , 12:29

Putin instructed to increase minimum subsistence level by one thousand rubles in 2022

Thus, it will rise to 12,654 rubles.

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered to increase the minimum subsistence level by a thousand rubles in 2022 - up to 12,654 rubles, TASS reports.

"The draft federal budget for next year now includes an indexation of the subsistence level by 2.5%. Of course, this is not enough because such parameters lag significantly behind the current inflation rate, which has accelerated in recent months," he said.

"I propose to set a higher level of the subsistence level for 2022, to increase it at a faster pace than inflation, namely by 8.6%. In absolute terms, for the country as a whole, the minimum subsistence should rise to 12,654 rubles per month, which is by one thousand rubles more than today," the president continued.

The president also instructed to increase the minimum wage in 2022 by 8.6% - up to 13,890 rubles per month.

The Duma will make amendments to the minimum wage and the subsistence level increase in the coming days.

Translated by:Tatyana Aksyutina