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28 October , 10:25

Updated Constitution of Bashkortostan Republic in Russian and Bashkir languages is published

The website of the State Assembly - Kurultay of the Republic of Bashkortostan has published the full text of the updated Constitution of the Republic of Bashkortostan in Russian and Bashkir languages.

“The Parliament of Bashkortostan has done much work to amend the Basic Law of our republic,” commented the Chairman of the State Assembly, Konstantin Tolkachev. “The theses of the updated Constitution of the Russian Federation were reflected and developed in the Constitution of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Among them, there are fundamentally significant provisions that consolidate social guarantees to foster patriotism, preserve traditional family values and the cultural identity of peoples. The Constitution, as the essential normative document, is the foundation of the entire legal system. Not a single law, not a single decree or order can contradict the letter and spirit of the Constitution. The text of the Constitution of the Republic of Bashkortostan, with the amendments and additions made to it, has been translated into the Bashkir language. The document in the two state languages ​​is posted on the website of the State Assembly. The Basic Law, translated into the Bashkir language, is in demand primarily by deputies of all levels, national media journalists, teachers, and students of educational institutions where teaching is conducted in the Bashkir language.

Author:Tatyana Aksyutina