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29 September 2021, 13:56

Head of Bashkiria: We came to Kazakhstan hoping for mutually beneficial cooperation

A presentation of the investment and economic potential of the republic took place in Nur-Sultan as part of Bashkortostan's official delegation visit to Kazakhstan on September 28. The Head of Bashkortostan Radiy Khabirov greeted the participants of the presentation in Kazakh and Bashkir languages.
"Our peoples are very close to each other not only in language, culture, and history," the Head of the republic said. "We came to Kazakhstan with great hopes for the enormous potential of mutually beneficial cooperation."
Minister of Trade and Integration of Kazakhstan Bakhyt Sultanov said that the current visit of the delegation of Bashkortostan was an excellent opportunity for business in the two republics.
"Our bilateral trade is developing at a high pace. According to the results of 2021, it shows significant growth, but this is far from the potential that we can realize with our capabilities," Bakhyt Sultanov noted. "Kazakhstan is a convenient territory for transit goods and products from Bashkortostan to the south - to Central and Southeast Asia countries. We are ready to assist in opening a trading house in Bashkortostan on the border with China."
Prime Minister of the Government of Bashkiria Andrey Nazarov made a detailed presentation of the republic.
"Kazakhstan is our closest neighbor and one of the main partners," Andrey Nazarov said. "We maintain trade and economic relations with 122 countries of the world. The volume of foreign trade turnover of the republic last year amounted to about $ 4.1 billion."
He presented the convenient transport logistics of the republic, located at the intersection of the most important waterways, railways, pipelines, highways.
"After constructing a new railway line Sibay-Podolsk-Sara, we will logistically become closer to Kazakhstan by another 250 km," Andrey Nazarov explained. "The new railway will provide access to the richest Trans-Ural deposits of non-ferrous metals. Their total reserves amount to about 200 million tons of ore, which can be additionally involved in the economic turnover".
The Prime Minister spoke in detail about the tools for supporting business in Bashkortostan and invited Kazakhstani business people to participate in the International Business Week, which will be held in Ufa from December 8 to 11, 2021.
"The first sign will be the opening of direct flights between Ufa and Nur-Sultan", Andrey Nazarov summed up.
The participants in the presentation also discussed the prospects for cooperation with Bashkir Soda Company JSC, ModulNeftGazEngineering JSC, Transterminal LLC. Representatives of the republic's business delegation held meetings with Kazakh companies and signed several agreements.
According to the press service of the Head of the Republic, the parties decided to create a permanent working group for the development of trade and economic relations between Kazakhstan and Bashkortostan. It was headed by the Prime Minister of the region's Government, Andrey Nazarov, from the side of the republic.
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