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21 September 2021, 18:34

Turnout in elections was 20% higher in Bashkiria than national average

According to preliminary data from the Central Election Commission of Bashkortostan, the average turnout in the republic was 72.79 percent. In Russia, the average turnout was 51.68%.
The highest voter turnout was in Salavatsky (96.4%), Blagovarsky (93.6%), Tatyshlinsky (92.8%) districts, the cities of Salavat (75.4%), Sibay (73.5%), Oktyabrsky ( 70.2%).
Of the 14 parties that participated in the elections in the republic, the leaders were United Russia (66.6%), the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (14.7%), and the Liberal Democratic Party (8.6%). The rest of the parties in the republic did not overcome the 5% barrier. The Novye Lyudi and Fair Russia will be presented in the parliament due to the total results over the country. They gained 2.7 and 2.6% votes in the republic, respectively.
There were 13,540 observers at the polling stations of the republic in the elections of September 17-19, 2021, which is a third more than in the previous Duma elections.
Representatives of 8 parties and five self-nominated candidates will work in the State Duma of the eighth convocation. United Russia has a constitutional majority - 324 seats, political scientist Vladimir Savichev commented on the preliminary election results for the Bashinform News Agency.
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