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14 September , 10:42

Vladimir Putin signed important instructions following United Russia Сongress

Following the results of the twentieth Сongress of the United Russia party, Russian President Vladimir Putin approved a list of instructions. The Kremlin press service quotes them. Here are the most important ones:
- To invest in the budgets of 2022 and 2023 to index salaries above the inflation rate for the military and security officials.
- In 2022, to allocate 45 billion from the budget to the regions for the demolition of emergency housing.
- Allocate money for the repair of post offices in rural areas and hard-to-reach areas. Expand the list of services in all departments - including selling medications.
- To allocate at least eight billion rubles to the regions to protect forests from fires.
- To extend the moratorium on small business audits until the end of 2022.
- To prepare amendments to the legislation so that citizens are more actively involved in forming local budgets.
- To adopt the necessary laws so that banks and bailiffs cannot write off social payments under loan agreements. To recommend the Bank of Russia to work with banks to return previously withheld benefits.
Translated by:IMPORT Сервисный