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30 June 2021, 16:46

Vladimir Putin named vaccine he had been vaccinated against COVID-19

Russian President Vladimir Putin chose the Russian Sputnik V vaccine as protection against COVID-19.
As the head of state said, he was vaccinated in February this year, when two vaccines - "Sputnik V" and "EpiVacCorona", were registered in the civil circulation in Russia.
“They are both good,” Putin stressed during the Direct Line. “However, EpiVac Corona is less effective in time, so I decided to be vaccinated with Sputnik.”
According to him, he chose Sputnik V also because the Russian Armed Forces are vaccinated with this particular vaccine, "and I am the commander-in-chief."
“I felt OK after the vaccination with Sputnik. After some time, I passed a blood test. The test showed a high level of protection,” Russian President Vladimir Putin added.
Author:IMPORT Сервисный
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