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24 December 2020, 14:42

Radiy Khabirov took part in State Council meeting of Russian Federation

On December 23, the Head of Bashkortostan, Radiy Khabirov, took part in a joint meeting of the State Council and the Council for National Projects. It was chaired by videoconference by Russian President Vladimir Putin.
The meeting focused on implementing the Executive Order “On the National Development Goals of the Russian Federation until 2030”. Vladimir Putin marked that the coronavirus epidemic had been a challenge for national economies and social welfare in almost every country, and a severe ordeal for people.
“These issues have been and still are our primary focus. We have been concentrating and mobilizing our efforts and resources in this area”, the president said. “However, it should not undermine our development agenda. We have repeatedly discussed this as well. Qualitative and continuous progress is of absolute strategic, crucial, and vital importance for our country. Considering the entire scope of demographic, geopolitical, economic, and technological factors, we cannot afford to stop. We have been saying this in different formats, but we cannot afford to pause our development even for a minute regardless of the current circumstances.”
According to the head of state, this systematic work requires joint and coordinated efforts at every government level. The State Council was granted a new constitutional status exactly for this purpose, which is to ensure that Russian constituent entities and municipalities are more involved in making nationwide decisions.
However, these organizational innovations, which are also important, are not the only thing that matters. In-depth changes are, of course, essential to bring a new quality to the work of government agencies at every level, including federal, regional, and municipal, as well as to ensure their cost-effective performance. In the long run, this will improve people’s lives and achieve national development goals”, Vladimir Putin underlined.
“No one has abolished the task of attaining major breakthrough, quantitative changes in all key spheres of our life. We need to focus on the agenda to the greatest possible extent, work intensively, and move ahead all the time - we must work on all this and be guided by these aspects.”
The meeting participants discussed measures aimed at achieving national goals in preserving people's health and well-being, creating a comfortable and safe environment, ensuring decent and effective work, the successful development of entrepreneurship, and digital transformation.
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