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30 November 2018, 18:31

Vladimir Putin outlined three priority areas for ONF work

UFA, 30 November 2018. /Bashinform News Agency, Azat Gizatullin/ translated by Tatiana Aksyutina/. Russian President Vladimir Putin during the Russian Popular Front (ONF) Congress, which was held yesterday in Moscow, outlined three priority areas of the ONF work. These are the oversight, support and involvement in setting priorities for the development of our country.
“People are expecting major changes. But it is impossible to achieve major changes without large-scale investment, including state investment. And even if this is happening, it will be virtually impossible to score these results without wide-ranging public oversight of what is being done, how it is being done, as well as specific results”, he marked, having instructed ONF to continue monitoring the work of state agencies.
The head of state is convinced that public control is always necessary:
“For example, we cannot afford to build a rural medical assistance center that cannot be reached. We must prevent purchases of expensive medical equipment that would rust away and decay at warehouses, while someone would obtain commission and profit from such transactions. No, this entire system must work. And this work cannot be effective without oversight by public organizations”.
Besides, he also noted that there were plenty of honest hard-working professionals in the bodies of state authority and all administrative tiers and they were committed to achieving positive end results.
Putin added that the third area should be direct participation in setting development priorities, especially at the regional and local levels:
“We will not be able to accomplish essential tasks for people living in specific streets, courtyards, and buildings unless they become directly involved. We need to encourage them to take part in this joint work”, the head of state said.
“Therefore, we need oversight, support, and involvement. It will be impossible to accomplish anything without these aspects. I urge you to take the most active part in this work. If this happens, and I hope that it will happen, then we will really build the country of our dreams. In this connection, I know that the youth wing of the Russian Popular Front has a very good slogan: “Don’t wait for changes, make them happen.” I like it very much, and I support it completely”, stated the leader of the Russian Popular Front.
Author:Azat Gizatullin
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