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27 March 2013, 15:23

«Patriots of Russia» will present about 200 candidates at elections to the State Assembly of Bashkiria

In total about 200 candidates will present regional branch of «Patriots of Russia» political party at elections to the State Assembly — Kurultay RB taking into account one-mandatory districts and party lists. About plans to achieve the maximum results at elections to the State Assembly coming in September the chairman of committee of the party regional branch Zagir Khakimov said at the press conference at Bashinform News Agency. By different estimations «Patriots of Russia» plan to get from 15 to 30 percent of votes.
According to Zagir Khakimov, there are all preconditions to achieve this goal. Thus, 3700 representatives of the party were nominated to all 69 territorial election commissions. As a result 2633 people were included into polling site commissions with the casting vote; representatives of the party headed 122 polling site commissions. Thus «Patriots of Russia» plan to control over reliability of voting results.
“Since March 27, we start to receive applications for taking part in the elections to the State Assembly-Kurultay RB and to include nominees into the list of candidates,” Zagir Khakimov said. “We invite representatives of public associations, active citizens which cannot independently run in the elections.”
At the same time the chairman of the party underlined that 50 percent of the list will be made by the party members. On April 27, a regional party conference is planned where the election programme project will be presented. Selection of candidates for the party list will last till May 27.
«Patriots of Russia» are going to present the final list and election programme in the beginning of June, after the official announcement of the pre-election campaign start.
Translated by:Galiya Nabieva