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26 January 2013, 16:53

Rustem Khamitov: “The Government of Bashkortostan has to find one more supporting point in bank sphere”

On January 26 the President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov has held a seminar with heads of Republican authority concerning the use of capabilities of the bank sector for solution of actual problems of local social-economic development at the National Bank RB, public affairs service of the President RB reports.
Rustem Khamitov has mentioned that the leadership RB rests upon the resources, forming the budget of our Republic, in its work, i.e. about 140-150 billion rubles.
“We understand that very big bank system RB works side by side and its circulation amounts to 600 billion rubles – almost four times more than our budget”.
Rustem Khamitov thinks that the capabilities of the bank system are used in the region not enough efficiently. He says that such key branches of industry as building sector and housing-communal services should use the means, available in local banks. It can accelerate development of regional economics and receive additional preferences for residents RB.
At present time 96 banks work in the region and only 11 banks are Republican, i.e. slightly more than 10%. Bashkortostan stands on the 11th place in the country by the number of registered banks, on the 16th – by the size of regional bank assets, on the 15th – by the number of credits, provided for economics, and on the 17th – by personal deposits.
The President RB has told about widening of cooperation with the biggest banks of the country.
“We signed agreements with nine biggest banks. We should start working with other financial structures, including foreign ones, more actively” – the President RB posed the problem.
Rustem Khamitov called activation of investment activity one of the main priorities.
“We told many times why it was necessary: we need not juts new workplaces but growth of tax incomes too. We have to raise teachers’ wages by 2018, same about medics and social workers. Their wages have to be equal to average salaries in economics. We need additionally 180 billion rubles for that, i.e. one more budget”.
In order to solve these problems the Republic needs additional incomes.
“We have to reach the budget level about 180-200 billion rubles by 2017-2018. Now we have 10-12%-growth every year but we need better progress here”.
Author:news agency "Bashinform"