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10 January 2013, 17:57

Rustem Khamitov has visited private kindergarten in Ufa

The President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov has paid a visit to one of private kindergartens In Ufa on Thursday, January 10, in order to become acquainted with work of this private pre-school institution. The head of Ufa administration Irek Yalalov, accompanying the President, reported to him that there were 54 such private kindergartens in Ufa. Nine kindergartens are licensed as full-fledged pre-school education institutions, found under municipal public contract, i.e. local municipality pays 3 thousand 800 rubles for temporary residence of every kid or 11,5 thousand for full day stay. It is important because monthly payments in private kindergartens reach 10-15 thousand rubles monthly. But the businessmen, deciding to start working in this sphere of business, have to pass plenty of bureaucratic obstacles.
The President RB has mentioned that it is vitally important to develop the system of private kindergartens.
“At present time there are 195 thousand kids at the age of 3-6 years in the Republic and 80 thousand under seven in Ufa. According to our forecasts the number of pre-school kids will reach 225 thousand by 2016. 2012 has brought us 58 thousand newly born babies – the best figure for the last 20 years, compared with the level of 1991. Specialists predict further demographic growth till 2020 and all these kids need kindergartens and their parents shouldn’t figure just on state institutions. In 2012 the republic has spent 5 billion rubles and received about 10 thousand new places. One place in state kindergarten costs 500-700 thousand rubles and if we have, for example, one private kindergarten, town administration can buy a 100-square-meter three-room flat for four million rubles and it gives it to this kindergarten, having 15 free places and in such case the cost of one place will be about 260 thousand rubles, i.e. two times less”.
After the visit Rustem Khamitov ordered Ufa Mayor to check the schemes of work with private kindergartens and to remove all excessive bureaucratic obstacles. “We are here to solve your problems” – he said to the director of the private kindergarten and presented a set of toys for kids to her.
Author:Olga Murtazina