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10 January 2013, 14:05

Bashkir parliamentarians introduced seven amendments to the law “Education in Russian Federation”

Seven amendments, introduced by State Council-Kurultay-RB, were approved during passing the federal law “Education in Russian Federation”. In a whole Bashkir parliamentarians introduced 17 amendments to the federal draft law.
Thus, the amendment concerning the right for provision of additional education at municipal schools through subsidies to local budgets is legally approved. Here labor payment, acquisition of textbooks and manuals, toys and educating games are included, except maintenance costs and housing-communal service expenses, press service of State Council RB explained.
The proposal of Bashkir law-makers concerning financial provision of education at private schools and kindergartens, having state accreditation, was also approved.
One more amendment is connected with more exact and precise formulation of the order of reorganization or liquidation of municipal education organizations. As a result the decision concerning liquidation of this or that education institution will be made taking the opinion of local residents into account. The federal parliament approved this proposal too.
The federal law “Education in Russian Federation” comes into force beginning from September 1, 2013.
Author:Galiya Nabieva
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