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7 December 2012, 17:21

Rustem Khamitov evaluated activity of “United Russia” regional division

“The ongoing year turned out to be very eventful; from the point of view of politics. Various elections have taken place in the country, including the elections of the President of Russia and local ones. Legislation about elections and political parties was liberalized. It is important that we’ve held the election campaign with dignity, without fuss and with one of the best results in Russian Federation” – the President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov said at “United Russia” conference, held in Ufa on December 7.
Rustem Khamitov has mentioned that the elections’ totals are the main index of confidence in authority.
“Deep and qualitative changes have occurred in the political situation in the country this year. Complete monopoly of “United Russia” on the political field, which looked unshakeable just not long ago, is lost in some measure and old work methods, based on administrative resources, stop working now”.
The head of the Republic has underscored that political activity of population substantially increased. New protest movements appeared in the country. Opposition really strengthened its positions as compared with the end of the 90s last century.
“In the nearest future we should expect steady growth of the number of new political parties, including oppositional ones. All that seriously increases political competition” – Rustem Khamitov said – “I think we shouldn’t be afraid of it since competition means good, there is no development without it but competition puts new challenges before us”.
The President RB has determined new problems, posed before Bashkortostan and the role of “United Russia” in solution of these problems.
“Bashkortostan poses new ambitious problems today, making one more important step in its progress. We have to strengthen our positions as one of the most initiative and dynamically developing regions of the country”.
Rustem Khamitov has underscored that in any case certain undercover competition between regions occurs and in order to be successful in this competition Bashkortostan has to become a full-fledged participant of all modernization processes. In the Message to State Council RB the President RB offered development of all sides of life according to the principle of “smart society” with comfortable and safe habitat.
“This is a wide-scaled goal and its implementation demands thorough work and reorganization of the whole way of our life but these aims are quite achievable” – the President RB stated.
Author:Galiya Nabieva