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28 November 2012, 15:29

Sergey Naryshkin has met with students and pedagogues of Bashkir State University

The chairman of Russian State Duma Sergey Naryshkin has held a meeting with students and pedagogues of the Institute of law and with parliamentarians at the Bashkir State University. The President RB Rustem Khamitov has also taken part in the talk. Problems in development of juridical science, education and law-making activity were under discussion.
“I am visiting the Bashkir State University and in particular its juridical faculty, having more than century-long history, with high interest” – Sergey Naryshkin stated – “The format of the talk is chosen not accidentally, it is held on the eve of the professional holiday – the Lawyer Day, which will be celebrated on December 3. There is the opinion that Russia has too many jurists, but I’d like to say that we have too many non-qualified jurists. Not all higher education institutions can train really qualified and competent specialists. We are facing the shortage of really competent specialists and it can be felt in different branches of Russian economics, in public and municipal services and in legislative bodies”.
Talking about law-making process the State Duma speaker has mentioned that rather difficult situation can be observed at the federal level.
“Law-makers often run behind the public-economic processes and not always ready to provide these changes with the corresponding legislative base” – Sergey Naryshkin said – “From another side the portfolio of State Duma includes too many legislative initiatives, left for the acting deputies from former convocations, and at that the majority of these projects suffer from various defects from the point of view of technique and systemacy and it will again proves the opinion that we are facing the shortage of qualified specialists. We wish that the leading institutes of the country would train as much more high-class specialists as possible”.
The meeting at the Bashkir State University was held in the format of questions and answers. Sergey Naryshkin supported the idea of merger of business and education, if such merger is based on the law. The President RB Rustem Khamitov agrees with such position. He has underscored that such work is conducted in the Republic but this system needs further polishing and the sector of educational services should be removed from the shadow.
“About 30 thousand school-leavers enter our education institutions every year and even if every one of them has spent about 30 thousand rubles for private tutors, we receive the sum at the rate of 900 million rubles, left without record”.
Sergey Naryshkin has reminded that the 20th anniversary of Russian Federation Constitution will be celebrated the next year.
“The Constitution has laid the basics of legal state and democratic institutes” – he said – “In connection with the jubilee date State Duma prepares the plan of actions and I think the deputies of the republican parliament and jurists will also prepare themselves for these events”.
Author:Ludmila Ternovaya
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