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10 July 2012, 17:33

Rustem Khamitov held a meeting re development of land areas for house building

On July 10 the President RB Rustem Khamitov held a meeting re complex development of land territories in Ufa for erection of cheap housing. The public affairs service of the President RB reports that quite concrete land areas, their suitability, economic constituents and other problems were under consideration.
The President RB has confirmed that at present time there is a great shortage of housing in the local market, housing prices are too high and flats remain too expensive for people.
“We are working in this direction really badly and can file claims only to ourselves” – Rustem Khamitov said. According to him land relations in Ufa are highly corrupted and in the final analysis people suffer from this situation – Ufa faces serious shortage of economic-class housing. Thus, in 2012 housing costs increased by 10% in the primary market.
The President RB believes that “such situation cant’ stay any more – it should be cardinally improved and for that local authorities have all opportunities”.
“We all know that Ufa has practically no free sites for housing but has many still undeveloped “wild” territories, i.e. developers have to erect dwelling from zero there. It is clear that the Republic and the city can take obligations on construction of infrastructure upon themselves. Authorities must find free territories for mass house-building and no other variants exist at present time”.
In opinion of the President RB developers should start widening Ufa’s frontiers, opening new construction sites on other sides of Belaya-river and Ufa-river. They have to build bridges, roads and other infrastructural objects. All this costs money and according to estimations of specialists they need about 30 billion rubles in order to normalize situation with housing in the Republic and in Ufa in particular. “Such big and rich Republic as Bashkortostan is quite able to cope with this situation” – the President RB posed the problem and warned that “he will personally monitor how the situation in this direction is running”.
Author:news agency "Bashinform"
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