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11 March 2012, 13:02

Concept of state national policy is under discussion in Bashkortostan

The draft concept of state national policy in Republic of Bashkortostan, elaborated by scientists from the Academy of Sciences RB and Bashkir State University, is placed on the site of the Academy of Sciences RB for public discussion in accordance with the decision of the Council for consolidation of international harmony under President RB.
As it was stated at the first gathering of the Council, the concept of state national policy as a self-dependent coherent political document is elaborated in Bashkortostan for the first time. Public life both in Russia and Bashkortostan undergoes serious changes: democratic traditions are gradually strengthened as well as public self-consciousness of people. Authority’s openness is becoming more and more ordinary as well as various forms of its dialogue with public society. Arrangement of conditions for self-organization and self-development of ethnic communities under preservation of important role of the state in national policy becomes more and more urgent.
The draft concept of state national policy RB is based on general international legal documents and on the norms of federal and republican legislation. In the course of the document preparation the experience of the concept of national state policy of Russia, approved in 1996, and similar documents, passed in other Russian regions within the period between 1998-2008, such as Tatarstan, Chuvashia, Yakutia and some others, were taken into account, as well as the experience of such state programs as “Nations of Bashkortostan” and “Bashkirs of Russian Federation”, approved in our Republic in the 90s.
The concept’s structure consists of general regulations and eight chapters, which determine not just goals and aims and the main directions in national policy RB but the mechanisms of its realization and tendencies in development of international relations in the future. It is noted in the concept that UNESCO admitted experience of Bashkortostan in sphere of international relations fully meeting standards and the key ideals of this organization.
Author:Marina Shumilova
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