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23 November 2011, 15:19

Rustem Khamitov met the citizens of the town of Agidel

The President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov had a talk to the citizens of the town of Agidel and the economic situation in the town, existing now because of prolonged erection of the nuclear power plant, was the key subject. Rustem Khamitov mentioned that in other situation the town would face better economic prospects.
“The destiny of Agidel is important for us, that's why I'm here” - he said.
Rustem Khamitov told the citizens of the town about present situation in the Republic, characterized by stability from the point of view of development of industry, agriculture and house building. The President RB stated that since the last year the Government RB started conducting a new policy, aimed at opening of new possibilities for people to go in for business and for the enterprises it offered new opportunities for development. The President RB mentioned that for a long time the Republican authorities were running along the way of isolationism, when it was considered that the Republic was able to cope with everything self-dependently, while other regions started active development. As a result Bashkortostan today represents a powerful region with stagnating economics.
“In order to find the way out of this situation today we need new enterprises and investments, so the Republic declared the policy of openness” - Rustem Khamitov stated.
The President of Bashkortostan signed the decree concerning tax benefits for investors. These benefits will start working already beginning from January 1, 2012, and the interest in our Republic is already arising now. According to Rustem Khamitov it is already known that three-four new enterprises will be definitely erected in Bashkiria in 2012.
“It turns out that now the Republic has just one pivot and we'd like to have several” - he said - “So we need strong machine-building, agriculture and timber industry”.
The citizens of Agidel used the chance to ask the President concerning the situation with the construction of the nuclear power plant, economic prospects of the town and other questions.
Translated by:Eugene Rakhimkulov