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20 September 2011, 13:01

Rafael Mardanshin brought up support of small business during the meeting with Vladimir Putin

The chairman of “Business Russia” Bashkir division, a member of the all-Russian National Front’s regional coordination council Rafael Mardanshin was among the participants of the primaries, which the Chairman of the Russian Government, the leader of the political party “United Russia” Vladimir Putin had a talk with.
Vladimir Putin has highly estimated the results of the last national voting (primaries), where 4,7 thousand people were taking part in. The final lists will be formed at the “United Russia” Congress, appointed on September 23-24 in Moscow.
At the meeting Rafael Mardanshin brought up the necessity to lower the unified social tax.
“During the primaries we are traveling over the Republic too much, talking to the representatives of small business. The main question our business people are worrying about is lowering of the insurance payments and the unified social tax” – he mentioned – “The matter is that this problem affects small business first of all and though the authorities say that the rate of insurance payments was raised from 26 to 34% but in reality small business paid 14%, but now it pays 34% - 2,5 times more”.
Rafael Mardanshin was also talking about the necessity to change the order of accountancy for small business.
“At present time businessmen have to report their accountancy to three organizations and to pay taxes also to three organizations – to the tax inspectorate, to the Social Insurance Fund and to the Pension Fund” – he said – “We suggest that we should return to the system, working before the New Year – in this case businessmen report only to the tax bodies and pay the taxes to the tax bodies too and the bodies distribute these money further self-dependently. The fiscal load increased too – earlier only the tax officers might check a businessman. Now people from the Pension Fund and from the Social Insurance Fund may check small business too”.
Vladimir Putin marked the actuality of these problems and expressed the intention to give corresponding instructions for investigation of the problems posed.
Translated by:Marina Shumilova