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28 July 2011, 15:41

Ilgiz Tangatarov: “Primaries are the site, where everyone can try himself, suggest some ideas and try to defend these ideas”

The primaries are going on in the Republic. About 50% of 123 candidates to State Duma deputies are the representatives of public communities. The Voluntary Association for assistance to Army, Air Forces and Navy (DOSAAF) also intends to take part in the all-national voting and the chairman of the regional DOSAAF division in RB Ilgiz Tangatarov is one of the candidates fr om our Republic.
“The political party ”United Russia”, establishing the all-Russian National Front and applying the system of all-national voting, decided to invite ordinary people for participation in the public and political life of the country” – he mentioned – “If talking about population, the matter is first of all the representatives of various public organizations and DOSAAF is one of such organizations. In this connection we decided to take part in the voting too. The idea was supported by the leadership of the party. I think that primaries are the opportunity for all young and promising people to realize their potential. Primaries are the site, wh ere everyone can try and test himself, suggest some ideas and to try to defend these ideas”.
Author:Ludmila Ternovaya
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