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25 May 2011, 12:11

New Bashkir youth movement “MAKSAT” to be established in Bashkortostan

The constituent conference of a new Bashkir youth organization “MAKSAT” will take place in Ufa on May 27. The meeting of the initiative youth group on establishment of this organization, where the aims and goals of this organization, its name and other attributes were determined, has taken place yesterday at the Ministry of youth policy and sport RB.
As the curator of the initiative group Valeria Tumentseva said, the assistance to development of Bashkir, national, cultural, social, economic and political interests of youth, participation in development of civil society on the territory RB, popularization of ideas of international accord among young people, interaction with other youth public organization and realization of joint projects should become the goals for this new organization.
“At present time there is no any Bashkir youth organization, which would cooperate with the authority in sphere of youth policy” – a member of the initiative group, the deputy chairman of the Youth Public Chamber under the State Council-Kurultay-RB Iskandar Uldashev mentioned – “As a result, the larger part of Bashkir youth stays beyond the public life in the Republic. The new youth organization is called to occupy this niche, organizing efficient work with Bashkir youth and making it a part of the civil society”.
In opinion of the deputy Minister of youth policy and sport RB Ruslan Gizatullin the question concerning establishment of a new Bashkir youth organization, able to take an active part in development of the Republican youth policy, has ripen long ago.
“The new Bashkir youth movement can preserve and develop Bashkir cultural heritage and present the interests of Republican youth, basing on the ideas of tolerance and international concord” – he said.
Author:Marina Shumilova
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