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26 January 2011, 17:12

The idea of dress-code introduction in Russia meets wide support

The clerical leaders of the traditional religions offer to introduce the all-national dress-code for all citizens of Russia and this initiative, offered by the Moscow priest Vsevolod Chaplin, aroused stormy discussions at the press-conference in the news agency “Bashinform” on Wednesday. The chairman of the Council on public and interreligious relations under the President RB Vyacheslaw Pyatkov supported the idea of dress-code for all.
“The concern of the Russian Orthodox Church representatives over this problem is quite clear” – he said – “I think the introduction of a dress-code quite appropriate. The requirements to clothes in the streets and in public places don’t presume any infringement of the civil rights. It is clear we live in the modern and variable world and there is the fashion and everybody has his own tastes but at the same time a certain limit in extravagance should exist and it mustn’t be so that somebody would shock his associates with his outward appearance”.
In opinion of Vyacheslaw Pyatkov the requirements to clothes have to be worked up taking Russian mentality, national and religious traditions into account.
Author:Eugene Rakhimkulov
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