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13 December 2010, 14:56

The rate of Rustem Khamitov has grown up by three points for the last week

According to the rate of activity of the regional governors within the period between December 6 and 12, 2010, made by the “Club of Regions”, the representatives of the governor corps have received seven positive marks and four negative. The President of Bashkortostan (+3) stands in the list of the governors, having received the positive marks together with the governors of Sakhalin (+7), Pskov (+5), Magadan (+3), Kaliningrad (+2) regions, Republic of Tuva (+4) and Saint-Petersburg (+1). The governors of Perm, Tver regions, Republic of Khakassia and Chuvash Republic have aggravated their positions – all of them received -1.
The “Club of Regions” explains the rise of Rustem Khamitov’s rate by the fact that the President RB has criticized the activity of “United Russia” Bashkir division. In his opinion this division is working inefficiently.
As the political scientist Eugene Minchenko said to the “Club of Regions”, Rustem Khamitov tries to place his people in the party’s political council first of all (the protégés of Murtaza Rakhimov dominated there to present day).
The fact that Rustem Khamitov dismissed the Minister of education RB Zinnat Allayarov and downgraded the director of the Bashkir Philharmonic Society Danir Gainulin (both belonged to the team of the ex-president RB), confirms this opinion..
The stage-by-stage strengthening of Rustem Khamitov in the state Bashkir machinery brings him positive marks in the rate of the regions, the rate agency affirms.
Author:Alik Shakirov
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