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23 October 2010, 15:25

Rustem Khamitov highlighted new guidelines of manpower policy in the Republic

The President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov has held a meeting with the graduates of the Russian Politics School, opened in Ufa on the base of the “United Russia” Social-Conservative Policy Center, on Saturday, October 23.
Rustem Khamitov called the opening of the Russian Politics School an important event. It means, he said, that Bashkortostan is turning in the direction of civilized relations with the federal center and with the economical and political community of the country.
“In my work I feel the great expectations in modernization of our Republic and first of all fr om the young specialists, waiting for changes” – the head of the region mentioned, talking to the graduates – “Though in outward appearance our Republic is considered one of the leaders in Russian economics, we know quite well what we have to work over and wh ere we have to move and first of all these are the problems, concerned with the indices of our quality of life”.
Rustem Khamitov has underscored we face much work ahead, so the need in good specialists is high.
“We need you and in the nearest future we will orient ourselves towards you – a younger generation” – he said – “And the future leaders of the Republic will be certainly found among you”.
“We don’t want to conduct the manpower policy, based on the protection and kindred relations. I never invited my relatives. I always relied on the professionals and always won. We know other examples when not professionalism but personal devotion and even obsequiousness served as the grounds for taking this or that person on. I do hope this time is behind” – the head of the Republic stated.
Author:Marina Shumilova
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