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12 October 2010, 16:05

The deputies of Bashkir parliament aren’t satisfied with the budget bills in sphere of revenues formation

The parliamentarians of Bashkiria aren’t satisfied with the budget bills and with the projects of social-economic development RB in sphere of incomes formation, the chairman of the industry, transport, building, communication and business undertakings committee Nail Kutlugildin stated today.
“The budget, prepared for today, doesn’t suit us but we have no place to go” – the deputy stated – “47% of the revenues are the taxes, collected from the population and at the same time the production-economical potential isn’t used and nobody can explain us why it is so”.
The deputy suggested that before preparation of the bills for the second reading all deputies of the Prime-Minister of the Government RB and all ministers should be invited to the joint meeting in order to consider the forecast of social-economic development RB in a narrow circle.
Author:Nikolai Ermolenko
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