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8 October 2010, 16:50

Rail Asadullin: we’ve never been marionettes

“The wide-spread opinion that the Tatar public communities receive some instructions and directed by official Kazan is a deep mistake” – the chairman of the regional national-cultural Tatar autonomy RB Ramil Bignov said, answering the questions of journalists at today’s press-conference in the news agency “Bashinform” – It doesn’t represent the facts and we even have a grudge against Kazan that it doesn’t want to penetrate into our problems. We build up our work as a public community, irrespective of any authority, as it is prescribed by the law”.
As Ramil Bignov said, the Tatar public communities have rather intricate relations with the executive committee of the World Tatar Congress.
“Not from the point of view of ideology but if this organization calls itself the World Tatar Congress, it means it has to render serious assistance to us” – he explained – “Bashkortostan is the second region in Russia by the number of Tatar population after Tatarstan, so our organizations are ready to cooperate with the World Tatar Congress”.
Ramil Bignov has expressed hope that the change of the authority in Bashkortostan as well as in Tatarstan will give a positive signal to the public communities to be more self-dependent.
“There is the all-national context and in this essence we have to cooperate with Kazan” – the chairman of the all-Russian non-commercial partnership “VATANYM” in Republic of Bashkortostan Rail Asadullin said, commenting this question- “But we’ve never been marionettes, we have our own aims, different from those, which the official Kazan’s authority faces”.
Author:Marina Shumilova
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