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20 September 2010, 21:20

Rustem Khamitov comes out for closer cooperation with law-makers

The President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov expressed assurance at his first meeting with the deputies of the State Council RB that only his close cooperation with the parliament would allow successfully solving the most actual problems of social-economic development.
“Though the legislative and the executive powers represent two different branches, we have one common goal – we work for the good of the people, inhabiting Bashkortostan” – the President RB said – “We have to understand that we are responsible for every person here and, finally, we are those, who determine the stability of the society and its social and economical parameters”.
The President RB dwelt upon the program for improvement of Bashkortostan’s population living standards for 2007-2010 in his speech. As it turned out, by many parameters the program wasn’t executed.
“By the level of wages we are on the 36th place in Russia, by the budget supply per capita – on the 54th and by several social positions, the number of hospitals and beds for example, we are unfortunately on the 60th position and all this is observed in powerful and stable Republic, possessing everything necessary to live better than the average all-Russian parameters, with powerful economics, well-educated and competent population and rich natural resources. At that Bashkortostan is one of the leaders by such indices as unemployment and the number of suicides” – the President RB mentioned.
Rustem Khamitov told the deputies about the present situation and those disadvantages in the social-economic sphere the Republic had to overcome.
“I am deeply certain that all our problems have solutions, since we possess everything for that. We will raise the average wage by 1,5 times not in five but in three years” – the President RB summed up.
The President of Bashkortostan asked the parliamentarians to make their proposals on overcoming the developmental lagging and, in particular, to take development of small and medium business in towns and regions of Bashkiria under their personal control. He also suggested the parliamentary control over the observance of the laws should be intensified.
Author:Nikolai Ermolenko
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