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16 September 2010, 15:14

Oscar Abdrazakov is appointed the Minister of culture RB

A well-known vocalist Oscar Abdrazakov is appointed the Minister of culture of Republic of Bashkortostan by today’s decree of the President RB Rustem Khamitov. The decree comes into force fr om the day of its signature.
“Oscar Abdrazakov is one of the outstanding persons, personifying the wide-scale, richness and potential of Bashkortostan’s culture and his appointment to the post of the Minister of culture of our multinational and multi-religious Republic is a sort of a symbolical step, which means closer and more global communication for Bashkir culture because Oscar Abdrazakov is an opera singer, the vocalist, widely known in the whole world. With the appointment of such popular person as Oscar Abdrazakov the Minister of culture RB the Bashkir culture receives new possibilities in widening of our cultural space. We live in the modern world, wh ere the processes of globalization are becoming more and more evident and we can prove our opulence and our achievements in sphere of culture, attracting the art, which lives beyond either territorial or national borders. The art is a sort of a code for any culture. Communicating and experiencing the art and culture of other nations we thereby enrich ourselves and add other cultures to our unique cultural world” – the deputy Prime-Minister of the Government RB Zugura Rakhmatullina said, commenting this appointment.
Author:Alim Faizov
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