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2 August 2010, 11:51

Bashkortostan stands in the Top 10 of the most corrupted regions

Presentation of the report about how the situation with corruption was changing in Russia for the last year, has taken place in Moscow. The report was prepared on the base of the complaints, entering the public entrance hall “Clear Hands”.
According to “New Izvestia” the authors of the report composed the rate of corruption in Russian regions. The capital of the state – Moscow – leads in the rate. Moscow region holds the second position and Tatarstan – the third.
Republic of Bashkortostan also turned out to be in the list of the leaders together with Saint-Petersburg, Krasnodar region, Mordvinia, Belgorod, Novosibirsk and Nizhniy Novgorod regions.
As the chairman of the Association of Russian Lawyers for human rights Eugene Arkhipov says, the corruption circulation in the country today makes up about 50% of the gross internal product.
According to information of the Russian Ministry of internal affairs’ economic security department the average amount of the bribes in the country for the first six months of 2010 made up more than 44 thousand rubles, while in January the matter was 23 thousand.
The authors of the report admit: there are two ways to win corruption at the state level. The first one is establishment of the total dictatorship and the second way is quite opposite – the democracy. “The state-bureaucratic machinery and special services are found under national control and mass-media and the mechanism of political competition makes the appearance of corruption practically impossible, i.e. corruption becomes unprofitable both economically and politically” –Eugene Arkhipov explains – “Norway, Germany, Italy, Spain, the USA and one more latest example – Georgia - gave the evident example of such successful struggle with corruption”.
The experts are certain that one is able to cope with corruption during two years but only if the political system of the country is oriented itself to democracy, the site reports.
Author:Sergey Zakharov
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