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11 April 2010, 15:59

April 11 is the Holocaust Day

The Holocaust Days is marked by all Jews all over the world. In the course of the Second World War the fascists have killed more than six million people of this nationality.
The reasons of the hostile attitude to Jews come fr om the most ancient times. This nation started to be subjected to persecution after the beginning of the era of Christianity. But though the persecutions of Jews were rather cruel, first they were local and rather short-time.
The negative attitude to Jews in Europe increased during the crusades. The anti-Semitism as an ideology has appeared in 70s of the XIX century. At that the anti-Semites insisted that Jews were not just the representatives of other nationality but of another race, standing much lower than other nations both intellectually and physically. The spreading of the anti-Semitism wasn’t lim ited only by Germany and the anti-Semites were also active on the territory of the whole Austria-Hungary and even in France. The fascists started to make their anti-Semite ideas a reality during the Second World War. They trained special squadrons for the mass liquidation of Jews. On January 20, 1942, the heads of the Nazi party have worked out and approved the plan of extermination of Jews all over Europe and according to it 11 million people had to be murdered. The mechanism of the liquidation of Jews was launched in all European countries. From the very beginning of this extermination the Jews tried to form the underground organizations for struggling wit the Nazis. But they’ve managed to form such organization only in October 1942. That time the Jewish military organization had been established and many anti-Hitler underground movements joined it later.
The rebel in the Warsaw ghetto has become the symbol of the Jewish opposition. On April 19, 1943, the German troops started systematic destruction of the ghetto and mass murder of all its citizens. Liquidation of the ghetto in Warsaw was over in five days.
Since then the 27th of Nisan (by the Jewish calendar) is considered the Holocaust Day. In 2010 this date falls on April 11.
Author:Eugene Rakhimkulov
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