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4 April 2010, 14:04

Archbishop Nikon congratulated all Christians with the Easter

The Archbishop of Ufa and Sterlitamac Nikon congratulated all Orthodox Christians with the Easter.
“Making the purifying feat of the Fast we may again praise the raising of Jesus Christ from the dead today. The Savior resurrected – and nothing is able to shaken our belief, our hope for salvation and our love to each other. The Easter feast symbolizes the victory of good over evil and sin, the victory of life over death. The light of this feast is called to expel all evil intentions, ignorance and imperfectness from our hearts. The believers have to come to people with the words of kindness and mercy and our duty is to continue making our Christian duty with respect to our folks, trying to fill the life of our families and small home churches our kids are educated in with good and light. Celebrating the Easter we celebrate the transition from death to life with the unshakeable believe and hope not just for the gladness in our earth life but in the heaven too”.
Author:Eugene Rakhimkulov
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