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23 March 2010, 17:13

TV-bridge “Ufa-Cairo” has taken place at the Clerical Muslim Dept RB

The first TV-bridge “Ufa-Cairo” has taken place at the Clerical Muslim Dept RB today. Relatives, representatives of Muslim clergy and the Religious Affairs Council under Government RB and journalists came to have a talk with the students from Bashkortostan, studying at the International Islamic University “Al-Azkhar”. The chairman of the Clerical Muslim Dept RB, Mufti Nurmukhamet Nigmatullin, the chairman of the Religious Affairs Council under Government RB Vyacheslaw Pyatkov and the Vice-President of the Charitable Fund by Kinza Arslanov Salavat Ulbarisov came to welcome the students.
“I’d like to wish all students, studying at “Al-Azkhar” strong health and good knowledge of Islam” – Vyacheslaw Pyatkov said – “It isn’t indifferent for Government RB today what clerical specialists will return back, so we all want you to demonstrate your talents for receiving a good knowledge”.
At present time about 50 students from our Republic study in Cairo and at that the girls make one third of this number. According to the deputy chairman of the Clerical Muslim Dept RB Ruslan Sayakhov these young people are in many respects different from those, who had left for “Al-Azkhar” from Bashkortostan five-ten years ago and first of all by the level of their training. Many of them have already finished secular institutes here, in Bashkortostan.
The students told the comers about their life and studies in Cairo, how they organized the exhibitions about Bashkortostan during the recent First International Student Festival in Egypt and what impressions the local population received from the acquaintance with the Bashkir culture.
In two days the delegation RB, consisting of six people and headed by Ruslan Sayakhov, will go to Cairo. It will include several public and cultural activists RB, including Salavat Ulbarisov and well-known photo-painter Ramil Kilmamatov, who has to prepare photo- and video-materials about life of our students in Egypt.
Author:Eugene Rakhimkulov
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