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18 March 2010, 14:19

Constantine Tolkatchev: Bashkortostan was one of the first regions, having fixed the principles of democratic and lawful state

“The Constitutional-legal basics of the Republican parliament’s activity were laid in the period of work of the Supreme Council of the 12th convocation, which approved the Constitution RB – the reliable guarantor of public-political, social-economic and cultural-spiritual development of the Republic” – the chairman of the State Council RB Constantine Tolkatchev marked in his report within the frames of the scientific conference, devoted to the 15th anniversary of Bashkir parliament.
He marked that “Bashkortostan was one of the first Russian regions, having fixed the principles of a democratic lawful state at the level of Constitution, which allowed forming one of the most developed, active and integral systems of regional legislation in Russia”.
At present time the Republican legislative system consists of 6 codes and more than 240 laws plus plenty of legal acts.
As it is evident from the main clauses of the report, the administrative law, regulating the activity of the Republican executive power bodies, and the municipal law, which is considered the foundation for legal regulation of population’s participation in solution of local problems, possession, usage and management of the municipal property, are the most important elements of the law system RB. The principles, set in the Constitution RB, help to develop the financial law. The natural resource law, ecological and agrarian laws also represent the important elements of the Republican legal system. The right of social provision is also well developed. The state social policy is based on the Republican legislation, including the family code, the laws about main guarantees of child rights, protection of family, motherhood, fatherhood and childhood, monthly child allowances and state support of families with many children and young families.
“In spite of the evident problems in formation of the all-Russian legal system the existing constitutional field remains an important achievement of modern Russian state system. Today stable constitutional law and order is formed in Bashkortostan and this law and order provides for efficient regulation of public relations, manifested in legal activity of public institutes, equality of all forms of property and business freedom” – was stated in the report of the chairman of the State Council RB.
Author:Sergey Zakharov
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