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15 March 2010, 14:09

About 80% of voters have taken part in the election in Bashkortostan

“79,25% of voters RB have taken part in the elections on March 14” – the chairman of the Central Electoral Commission RB Ramil Mazitov reported today – “The lists of pollers consisted of more than 200 thousand people. According to the preliminary data 159 thousand 828 voters have taken part in the elections”.
60 election campaigns have taken place in 33 regions and towns RB the day before on the United Voting Day. The elections have taken place in all 73 municipal districts of Bashkortostan – 73 deputies have been elected.
“The level of competition was rather high” – Ramil Mazitov mentioned – “two or three candidates were pretending to one deputy mandate”.
According to the preliminary information the deputy list includes 70 adherents of “United Russia” (95,69%) and three independent candidates (4,11%) (73 deputies were elected in a whole).
The web-cameras were used at six polling stations in the town of Meleuz. This experiment was held in the Republic for the second time. First the direct broadcast of the voting process was held at the polling stations in the town of Durtuli on the March elections 2009.
Any person might watch the voting process in real time mode in internet. The pages of the Republican Central Electoral Commission were opened by the internet-users more than 16 thousand times, including CIS and foreign states – the USA, Germany, Greece, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Poland and Kazakhstan.
“On the voting day no violations and complaints have occurred” – the chairman of the Central Electoral Commission reported – “The elections of deputies were held in accordance with the federal and the Republican legislations”.
Author:Marina Shumilova
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