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26 February 2010, 19:14

Rail Sarbaev has held a meeting with the deputy Ukrainian Ambassador in Russia Vyacheslaw Yatsuk

The Prime-Minister of Government RB Rail Sarbaev and the deputy Ukrainian Ambassador in Russian Federation, Councilor Vyacheslaw Yatsuk discussed the prospects of cooperation between Bashkortostan and Ukraine in the Republic House today.
Ukraine is one of the long-term partners RB and one of the most active former Soviet Republics in sphere of trade.
“The trade turnover between Ukraine and Bashkortostan made about 227 million dollars in 2009 and about 400 million in 2008” – Vyacheslaw Yatsul said – “These sums even exceed the trade turnover of our country with several European neighbors – the independent states”.
As Rail Sarbaev said, 2009 turned out to be rather difficult both for Bashkortostan and Ukraine. But this fact mustn’t negatively influence on the relations with Ukraine and Republican authority still considers this state as one of our strategic partners.
In the overall trade circulation between Bashkortostan and other states Ukraine stands on the tenth place with the share equal to 4,1%. Our Republic exports mineral products and fuel, chemicals and caoutchouc, metals and metal wares, machines and transport vehicles to Ukraine.
In opinion of Rail Sarbaev the increase of mutual turnover can be reached due to the growth of share of ready-made products with high level of processing in the export structure of both states. In particular, Bashkortostan is ready to supply Ukraine with the gas-turbine engines for production of electric energy, various modifications of helicopters, tank-cars, fertilizers, medicines, roofing and hydro-insulation materials and foods (wheat, for example).
Establishment of joint-ventures on the territory of Bashkortostan and Ukraine in sphere of machine-building, building, agriculture, food, tanning and light industry also looks very promising.
55,3 thousand Ukrainians live on the territory RB today.
“Though this figure looks rather small in a percent ratio – about 1,5% but these people may support their traditions and culture” – Vyacheslaw Yatsuk said – “We appreciate it and say many thanks to the leadership of Bashkortostan since your Republic creates all conditions for development and realization of the spiritual needs for the representatives of different nationalities, including Ukrainians”.
Vyacheslaw Yatsuk suggested that Ukrainian children should study Ukrainian language and the history of Ukraine at one of Ufa schools. If it happens, Ufa will become a pioneer among other Russian cities because there is no such Ukrainian school even in Moscow. Rail Sarbaev answered the Bashkir leadership was ready to say “yes” to this initiative.
The meeting of Rail Sarbav and Vyacheslaw Yatsuk has taken place in the period of important political events for Ukrainian population. The new President of this country Viktor Yanukovitch has assumed the office just several days before.
“We are pinning high hopes on the new President” – Vyacheslaw Yatsuk said – “And first of all we hope the state institutions of Ukraine will start working more efficiently and it means Ukraine will be more active in development of the relations with its partners, where Russia stands on the first place. The first official visit of the President of Ukraine to Russian Federation will occur in the nearest future. As for the cooperation between Ukraine and Bashkortostan it remains one of the prior directions in the foreign policy of our state”.
Author:Eugene Rakhimkulov
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