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25 February 2010, 14:23

Murtaza Rakhimov: “Further modernization of Bashkortostan is the way to prosperity in the XXI century”

The President RB Murtaza Rakhimov has addressed himself to the deputies of the State Council-Kurultay-RB with the annual Message “Further modernization of Bashkortostan is the way to prosperity in the XXI century (the state of things in the Republic and the main directions in its development in 2010)”. The text of his speech is given briefly below:
“Dear deputies!
I am addressing myself to you with the annual Message in accordance with the article 87 of the Constitution RB.
This year is of paramount importance for Republic of Bashkortostan as well as for Russian Federation. It is commemorated with the 65th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War and announced the Republic Year here. This is a chance to grasp the totals of the last 20 years for modern Bashkortostan in the staff of refurbished Russia and to outline our future prospects.
The President of Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has phrased the main problem for the country in his article “Russia, Forward!”: “We, modern generations of Russian nation, have received great heritage – the heritage, deserved and gained by hard labor of our predecessors. We possess the vast territory, huge natural resources, solid industrial potential and the impressive list of real achievements in sphere of science, technique, education and art, brave history of our Armed Forces and the Navy and the nuclear missiles. How are we going to dispose of this heritage and how are we going to replenish it?”
We really possess a substantial heritage but the problems we happened to face were also the most complicated. Many of these problems couldn’t find their solutions for many decades. Thereby that historical spurt, made by the Republic in 1990, looks even more striking.
We’ve changed the system of management over the economic processes and established the market mechanisms. The Republic has made the model of stable development a reality.
The outlook of our towns and villages is visually changed. More than 33 million square meters of housing is put into exploitation and we observe definite shifts in the systems of health protection, science, education, culture and art.
By monetary incomes our Republic has left the 66 position for one of the leading places in the country and by the index of human potential development we are stably found in the Top 10!
Bashkortostan is considered one of ten supporting Russian regions. These regions form two thirds of the federal budget’s revenues and are quite capable to move Russia to one line with the leading world states! By the volumes of industrial production and investments to the fixed capital Bashkortostan has reached the pre-reforming level and exceeded it in sphere of agriculture and building. The retail trade turnover has grown up almost 3,5 times!
Bashkortostan is one of the leaders in the country in sphere of agriculture and small and medium business form one fifth of the gross regional product here. This is one of the best results in Russia!
We were highly responsible when making the conditions for modernization of the Republic – this is the full-fledged legislative base, political stability and international harmony, high level of private security and reliable guarantees for development of all forms of property.
We’ve managed to avoid the way of “shocking reforms” and risky experiments and haven’t allowed squandering of our natural-economic complex. The Republic hasn’t refused fr om its social obligations and hasn’t allowed pauperization of its population.
Dear deputies!
The message of President RF determines the strategy of the country’s modernization and its key aim is preservation of Russia’s status as a world state, reaching of the quality of population’s living standards, comparable with the level of the leading world countries. Republic of Bashkortostan was and remains the regional locomotive of all these processes!
We possess all necessary conditions for achievement of the abovementioned goals. Our Republic is different with its public and political stability. Socially-oriented policy, fixed in the Constitution, is realized in reality. Our people take care of the international harmony and peace and the majority of our citizens bind the rise of their prosperity with everyday stable and productive work.
Today Bashkortostan faces no problems in continuation of the modernization. We’ve launched its mechanisms 20 years ago, when the Republic get a chance to make use of its national treasures in full measure.
Having reached the trajectory of stable development we increase the human potential of modernization all the time: these are 1064 newly erected and refurbished schools, the move to modern technologies in education, widening of the network of general and professional education, consolidation of the manpower and material base of fundamental and applied science. The formation of innovational economics is impossible without it!
Dear friends!
The Republican Government has to be in earnest about realization of the key aims, set by the Chairman of Russian Government Vladimir Putin: “The first thing is stable work of system-forming enterprises and assistance to the programs of their technical rearmament and modernization; second – stimulation of Russian high-tech export; third-development of house-building; fourth – the support of internal demand and, sure, struggle with unemployment and solution of the problems in mono-towns”. Bashkortostan has to keep its leading positions on all main indices of general development.
The anti-crisis measures, undertaken in the Republic, allowed us to keep the situation in economics under strict control and to fulfill all social obligations but we can’t stop at the state-of-the-art and today we need the fresh approaches in management and new vision of modernization processes in Bashkortostan as never before.
Maximal employment for population becomes one of the main aims. We’ve managed to open more than 6 thousand new workplaces even in the crisis year and in the nearest future we have to open at least 50 thousand!
We have to become the most active participants of various federal goal-oriented programs and investment projects, standing for the Republican interests on attraction of federal means. It is clear the projects, related to five directions of modernization – power engineering, nuclear industry, telecommunications, IT and medicine – will be supported in the first turn.
Bashkortostan possesses a substantial scientific-technical reserve in these spheres but we urgently need progressive productions and technologies, new sorts of production with high VAT and modern infrastructure.
The whole system of measures should be oriented to creation of even more comfortable investment climate and consolidation of investment activity.
We have to form the demand in innovations, including the private-state partnership and venture funding.
We have enough talented people with progressive thinking, original ideas and active living positions, working in small and medium business and we have to support the beginnings of those employers, who strive for keeping and opening new workplaces and our municipalities have be especially active here, Formation of solid municipal economics is one of the leading directions in modernization. In order to increase their own economic base the municipalities mustn’t wait for the instructions from above. The main thing now is not to be indifferent and to be busy just with formal replies but to support local initiatives. The heads of municipal administrations have all powers for that.
Optimization of budget expenses has to become the key direction in our activity – the quality of sate services should be raised as well as the responsibility for efficient spending of budget means. Tax administration should be strengthened too and restructuring of state and municipal institutions is to be continued.
In 2009 we’ve allocated substantial state means for the bank sector and this step allowed preserving its financial stability. But capitalization of the regional banks still remains too low. Hypothec crediting dropped five times. Interest rates jumped up. The low level of long-term credit resources doesn’t let us financing the real sector of economics in necessary volumes. The volume of the bank investments to the fixed capital in 2009 has made 9,6 billion rubles, though the Republic sector has received 61,9 billion rubles from the Central Bank of Russia. Can it be comparable with the Republic budget? I‘d like to answer – have the enterprises received these means? And what is the effect for the economics?
In spite of all difficulties we’ve managed to avoid an abrupt reduction of production volumes and we’ve managed to stabilize the situation in our industry but it is still too early to relax!
We have to continue introduction of new technologies and search and development of new oil deposits. It is very important to preserve and develop the best traditions of technical-technological modernization in power engineering, oil-processing, chemistry and petroleum chemistry. The scheme and the program for development of the Republican energy system have to be worked up in the shortest time and we have to start working over the new law about energy-saving.
Diversification of production has to be continued in machine-building. Thus, manufacturing of the engines for the fighters of the fifth generation is the aim of top priority now and it is very important to provide the world level in production of helicopters and motor-car technique.
The enterprises, specializing in processing of low-grade timber, are still absent here and we stand idle in tanning industry. We have to learn the experience of Finland, Sweden, Turkey and Italy more actively and it is high time to find the partners for organization of such productions in the Republic!
Today it is also important to be more active in development of our agriculture and we have to reach the balance between the interests of agricultural producers, processing productions and trade, developing the infrastructure of services for agricultural enterprises.
In this very hard situation we’ve managed to preserve the volumes of house-building thanks to the new policy of low building. Within the frames of the Republican program “My Own House” we have to erect at least ten thousand available cottages during five years and engineering services and land improvement remain the care of the state.
Consolidation and widening of international and external economic cooperation between Bashkortostan and CIS states and other foreign countries remain the prior directions in development of Republican foreign relations. We have to activate our work on formation of Bashkortostan’s positive image in Russia and abroad. The aim on further development of cooperation with the UNO international organizations – UNESCO, UNIDO and others – and with the Islamic Conference Organization and TURKSOY remains of paramount importance for us.
We have to activate our efforts on preservation and popularization of Bashkortostan’s material cultural objects, its history, traditions and natural treasures, including the efforts on inclusion of these values into the World Heritage List. We have to continue our backing of the friendship societies RB with foreign countries.
Dear deputies!
In the course of many years we are working over the rise of quality and level of life of our citizens and state support for families with many kids, motherhood and childhood, invalids and elderly people remains one of our priorities.
The material welfare of people with scanty means directly depends upon the state and upon those payments and fees they receive. We have to work over the increase of the payments, searching for additional sources for that. It is necessary to establish the unified register of all those people, receiving state support and it will ensure more efficient spending of budget means.
In 2010 our country is going to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War and we have to be especially kind both to the participants of the and to the toilers of the hone front, actively working over the improvement of the housing conditions. In accordance with the federal legislation we have to provide all veterans of the war with housing and we mustn’t forget about everyday needs of our veterans and widows of the deceased soldiers. Every one of them is to be surrounded with simple human care and this is the duty of all authorities and every adult citizen.
We’ve formed the efficient model of human potential development and our success in overcoming of the demographic slump, lowering of death rate and increase of birth rate are evident and this success should be fixed. The Republican program “Family” for 2010-2012 will be approved in the nearest future. We should achieve more substantial results in development of health protection. The most complicated operations on coronary heart bypass, bloodless implantation of artificial heart valves and mass cochlear implantations to the children with birth hearing defects are conducted in our Republic everywhere.
This year is announced the Teacher Year in Russia and the task for our Government will be to work out the additional set of measures for the rise of the teacher profession’s prestige. We have to raise the wages of our pedagogues step-by-step and the grants for young teachers are a separate item. All these questions, including dwelling for teachers and organization of their rest and recovery, will be discussed at the X congress of teachers RB and I do hope this congress will give a serious impulse to the teachers of Bashkortostan in realization of the federal program “Our New School”. We will continue forming a modern and competitive model of education, corresponding to modern tendencies of economic progress and public needs. Modernization of professional education comes to the forefront today and we have to adapt the system of the professional education to the strict realities of time and this is one of the most important aims for the Government RB!
We have to consolidate the role of Bashkortostan as a large Eurasian scientific center of science, education and culture and it is necessary to go on studying native languages, history and culture of our land and we must finish the work over the multi-volume editions of the Bashkir encyclopedia and the history of Bashkir nation.
Special emphasis should be laid on development of our tourist industry. Our Republic possesses the unique natural possibilities for its rapid progress – wonderful nature, our remarkable reserves and cultural objects but we haven’t yet learned to use all this in full measure. We have just few hotels and the excursion business isn’t yet tuned up properly and in this sphere we are facing plenty of work ahead.
Dear deputies!
Under the conditions of new democratic Russia Bashkortostan worked up its own model of national policy, meeting the highest international standards and its main peculiarity is the aiming at the results in sphere of national education, preservation and development of languages, culture and traditions of the nations, inhabiting our Republic.
For the last 20 years the number of national schools increased more than two times. 73% of non-Russian pupils study their own languages today. 14 languages are studied at schools and local newspapers are published in six languages.
Dear compatriots!
Today we are facing new goals and new aims. We are developing within the frames of the global economic system, being an inseparable part of the Russian state and the culture of Bashkortostan’s nations visually takes part in formation of the spiritual space of the country. We want to live in strong, stable and economically developed Russia, in the state, wh ere the rights and liberties of every nation and every citizen are really respected and this striving represents the creative power of our society. Solution of actual aims of up-to-dateness is possible only under realization of the principles of federalism, laid in the Russian Constitution, and basing on these values we will be persistent in consolidation of all branches of power for realization of the goals on modernization of Bashkortostan.
For many centuries Russia increased its power thanks to its territories, natural and human resources and we are able to provide their qualitative development only if people in every settlement and every town are interested in renovation of their lives, feeling themselves the masters of their land.
It depends on us whether we are able to keep and augment the abilities of the Republic in modern world. If we stop our progress, it means we stop being the masters of our land. There is a wise Bashkir proverb “Prosperity lies in action”, i.e. our way is the constant moving forward and this is what we are working over in our Republic all the time and that is why we are certain of our tomorrow and of future well-being and prosperity of Bashkortostan!”
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